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Profit in Sexual Abuse on YouTube: It’s Google, Too.

So. This is going to be long. Strap in.

I’ve been a skosh slapdash about doing the appropriate reading, so I just caught up on all this Sam Pepper stuff. If you haven’t, watch the video I posted above by lacigreen. It is the basic rundown of what has gone on way too long.

Very short summary? There is a collection of male YouTubers making careers out of being assholes, which is no surprise: what was a surprise to me was to learn that some of them are uploading well-documented illegal behavior* (pinching women’s butts, wagging their penises at unsuspecting women, tying women up, handcuffing themselves to women, kissing women without consent, and even in one broadcast what appears to be an actual physical assault - see the video above video for footage of ALL of these things). For their channels which include this well-documented illegal behavior, they have been roundly rejected from the media platform and creator community before they could gain a foothold and then were served arrest warrants in their homes have made money and gained fans. 

In the wake of the clamor caused by this well-documented illegal behavior, women have begun to come forward with stories of sexual assault, and in some cases rape, perpetrated by the makers of these videos. We, of course, now sit through silence from the alleged** offenders while their PR agents and legal teams - bought and paid for with the money they made by uploading videos including well-documented illegal behavior - circle the wagons and try to save their careers from ending and their lives from incarceration.

Now, I am not going to go into the heinous nature of their actions, though well-documented illegal behavior is the nicest terminology I could work up for it… and that’s because Laci Green is leading a movement inside and outside the YouTube community on that topic, and she does it best. 

There’s another element of it all that has been eating at me. I’ve said five times now how YouTube is hosting this illegal activity and allowing these execrable people and their copycats to prosper and potentially become famous off of it. YouTube itself is prospering from it. And now these little twerps, these putrescent skin-sacks impersonating actual humans, are walking TV studios, with teams and assistants and editors and agents and managers. With power and influence to scare victims into silence. Who reach millions upon millions of people inside of a keystroke and can drum up a tidal wave of support for almost anything they do, including and most importantly…yes…well-documented illegal behavior.

So here is my question.

Where is Google/YouTube in all of this?

[I had to put it under a cut. It’s kind of really really long.]

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Christina and I sat together at breakfast, and earlier she shielded me from the rest of the dormitory as I changed. I haven’t had a friend like her before.

I guess I haven’t really had a friend, period. It’s impossible to have real friendship when no one feels like they can accept help or even talk about themselves. That won’t happen here. I already know more about Christina than I ever knew about Susan, and it’s only been two days.

(Source: potter-weasley)

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